YOUR VIDEO DONATION is on the right track – we have achieved crucial research results.
We are about to take off – but we need your help!

Show us your face – help us to improve

The next step will be the training of our model with data – video shots from real people.
We need this to get the results we all wish:
Authenticity, facial expressions and most important – eye contact.

The more data – the better

Now, we ask for a video donation: We need a short shot of 30 Seconds to 1 Minute of you in front of your camera. All you need is your laptop and a mobile device.

We will use your video only for training purposes. We do not record voice. It will not be published or used in another way. It will help us to get the model more authentic.

Easy way to donate

  1. Place your mobile device in front of your monitor
  2. Start recording
  3. Laugh, smile, cry, talk – but always look into the camera