As soon as becomes publicly available, our solution will basically work pretty simply: install, select our Casablanca Virtual Camera as image source in your favorite video conferencing tool and finally have authentic conversations again. We can hardly wait!

At the same time, we are aware that innovative solutions bring questions with them - questions that we want to answer for you in this FAQ board.

About Casablanca

Casablanca enables authentic video calls. Our purely software-based solution generates real-time digital eye contact to create a natural face-to-face conversation experience. We use GAN technology to not only rest the gaze on the other person (i.e. the video camera), but to align the entire head at the ideal angle. This allows us to create real eye contact while keeping the user's facial expressions and gestures natural and realistic.

We use our own proprietary cutting-edge technology to make our vision of authentic video calls a reality. At the current stage of our development, our focus is on:

  • Focusing the direction of view in real time
  • The 3D control and adjustment of the head to present the user at the ideal angle
  • The authentic preservation and representation of facial expressions and gestures

The software is in beta phase and we still have free places for beta testers. If you want to support us as an early-bird in the product development, then secure your free trial version at: . If you have registered, we will also keep you informed about our current development status via our newsletter and provide you with valuable insights on the topic of videoconferencing.

Our entire team is working hard to bring our video conferencing revolution to the public as soon as possible. We can't wait to celebrate our launch with you in the first quarter of 2023!

Not only our product is a revolution - our underlying technology is also absolutely new. We see our invention as a real game changer and have therefore applied for a patent. In addition, we see Casablanca and our technological development as an important piece of the puzzle in shaping Germany as an internationally competitive AI location. And the response confirms us: The state of Baden-Württemberg has already declared us AI Champion 2022 for our technology innovation.

Yes, you can use our solution with any tool. After you have installed our software, simply select the "Casablanca Virtual Camera" in your video conferencing software instead of your system camera and off you go - regardless of your provider.

No way!

Casablanca's motto is "Authentic Video Calls". Our solution only works when the user is actually looking at his conference screen. If he averts his gaze, Casablanca retains it. This ensures the authenticity of the call - no artificial stares or unavoidable glances. Eye contact is made when it would also occur in an analog conversation.

In our current beta, this still depends slightly on the arrangement of the screens. In most cases, multiple screens do not pose any problems for our software, but we cannot yet guarantee that our display performance is error-free in individual constellations.

Casablanca offers its users a straightforward and seamless experience to establish a real, authentic connection in real-time video calls. While most providers limit themselves to gaze correction, Casablanca integrates visual head rotation to maintain facial expression authenticity. Thus, a video conference with comes very close to a real face-to-face conversation as in addition to direct eye contact, real facial expressions can be seen.

About installation and use

In the future, we will not impose any special hardware requirements on you. You will be able to choose between a server solution and a local installation, which will not have any special requirements for your system. However, during our beta phase we have technical requirements that your hardware must meet in order to use casablanca. To install casablanca, you need 350 MB of free space on your system.

It works best with the following configuration:

  • Windows: GPU (graphics card) - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30xx-Series and higher and CPU: Intel I5 processors or equivalent.
  • Mac: with Apple M1 chip and higher (only on desktop and laptop) 

Currently, the software is only compatible with Windows (10 and higher) and Mac (13.x and higher) operating systems during beta testing.

YES! We are proud and happy to announce that our beta version is now running on Mac and Windows.

You must have already started the Casablanca software before using it as a camera source in your video conferencing tool. If our software is not running and you start a videoconference anyway, a black screen will be displayed when you select the "Casablanca Virtual Camera" as image source there. You will also get this error message: "You have not started Casablanca yet".

Before you can install a new version of Casablanca, you must close the current Casablanca software. Once you have done this, you can install the latest version of Casablanca and experience authentic video calls.

The video output from Casablanca will be registered as a new camera source in your video conferencing tool. The camera source will be directly displayed in your video conferencing tool as “Casablanca Virtual Camera”. Make sure you launch the Casablanca software before you start the video call.  

If the Casablanca user interface does not start properly on your Apple device, you probably did not properly unlock the Casablanca virtual camera during installation. Follow the steps below to unlock it after installation:

  • Open the Casablanca application. You will now see only the "Terminal" window.
  • Click on the Apple icon at the top left of the screen. 
  • Now open your system settings.
  • In the System Preferences window, open the Security and Privacy section. 
  • Click the lock icon to make changes to these settings and enter your password. 
  • Make sure that apps from the Appstore and from identified developers are allowed (second option).
  • Click on "Allow Casablanca Virtual Camera".
  • Close this window and the Casablanca app. 
  • Now restart the Casablanca application and you are ready to use Casablanca.

Each product key is valid only once. To be able to test on both operating systems, you need two product keys. If this is the case for you, please send us an email to and we will take care of it.

Yes. When you launch a recent version of Casablanca, you'll be guided through an in-app tutorial to help you get up to speed with the software.

About Troubleshooting

Open all apps in which you last selected Casablanca as Virtual Camera.
2. deselect the Casablanca Virtual Camera (change your source to another camera).
Restart Casablanca.
If the problem occurs again, remember to change the Casablanca Virtual Camera in your videoconferencing program to another camera before closing your videoconferencing program.
We will release a bugfix that fixes this issue in a timely manner.

Please make sure that you change the output camera in the Casablanca camera before you disconnect the external camera or the iPhone that you are using as a webcam. If you have already disconnected the external camera that you last used with Casablanca: First close the Casablanca app. Then reconnect the external camera you last used with Casablanca and restart the Casablanca app. Now the app should work normally again.

We will release a bugfix that fixes this issue soon.

About feedback

Your impressions and your feedback aboutwhat you think of the current version version, are very valuable for us. Let them us to! All details regarding the feedback (in-appRating and feedback form) have been you in the email communicated to youin which you will find the link to latest software version received software version. You are also at any time cordially invited, us a e-mail with feedback and comments to to write.